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Soar to the top with Jetstream!

220 MHz 50 watt radio
  • 50 Watts
  • 99 Memory Channels Plus 1 Call Channel
  • Large LCD Display
  • CTCSS/DTS Encode/Decode Built In
  • 222.000-224.995 MHz Frequency Range
  • Backlit DTMF Microphone
  • Memory Scan and Band Scan
  • Time Out Timer
  • Auto Power Off
  • Tone Burst
  • Computer Programmable with Optional JTPRG1 Cable

General Specifications
Frequency RangeTX: 222.000-224.995 Mhz
RX: 216.000-280.000 MHz
ModeFM/Narrow FM
Frequency Rate12.5 kHz
Number of Memory Channels99 Channels
Antenna Impedance50 Ohms
Frequency Stability+/- 5ppm
Microphone Impedance2k Ohms
Voltage Range11.7-16 VDC
CurrentTransmit: < 9A, Receive: < 600 mA
Working Temperature14-140 Degrees F
Size5.7"W X 1.85"H x 7.5"D
Weight2.7 Lbs
Transmitter Specifications
Output PowerHigh: 50 Watts
Medium: 25 Watts
Low: 10 Watt
Residual Radiation-60dB or Below
Max Frequency Deviation+/- 5KHz, +/- 2.5KHz (Narrow Band Mode)
Receiver Specifications
Receiver TypeDouble Conversion
If FrequencyFirst: 21.7MHz, Second: 450 KHz
Squelch Sensitivity-16.0 dBu (.1 uV)
Selectivity>60db/12.5KHz, >70db/25KHz
Audio Power2.0W (8 ohm, 10% distortion)
Optional Accessories
JTM220BMMobile Antenna with Mag Mount
JTMIC1Replacement DTMF Microphone
JTMB1Mobile Mounting Bracket
JTPC3Power Cord
JTPRG1Programming Cable
JTCIG2Cigarette Lighter Cable
JTAL1AAlarm Cable A with wire
JTAL1BAlarm Cable B, extension
JTPS14B14 amp power supply for base use
RPS220Programming Software and USB cable

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